The bomber bomber

This is combination falling after the fact for the friend or the not so good-looking of the bunch otherwise known as personality. What am I on about? Well I stated my love for the slit-arm blazer in the wishlist but ending up going a completely different direction..
Hate to admit but I was online via app before opening time for the H&M conscious exclusive collection and I did end up ordering the skirt and blazer that were my top picks only to receive an email a couple days later saying they over-sold the skirt and no skirt for me. I won't repeat my first thoughts.

But it did make me happy I decided to explore other pieces from the collection. Including a dress with the most grown-up print in my wardrobe but the shape of which fits my body to a T. I threw what I thought was a matching bomber jacket in the basket just for the fun of it. Lo and behold the bomber is hands down my favourite item! The print turned out to be beautiful embroidery (impossible to photograph), delicate individual strands of thread make up the pattern. Super fragile with the high snag factor but what an impact! I tried it with the simple tee, cigarette jeans and killer patent leather stiletto's and I was sold! I felt effortlessly chic and done despite being braless, make-up less and ditto messy hair knot. Few things make me feel that way. So here's to the overlooked and second in line, cheers. bomber

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