Winter to spring wardrobe

I originally planned this post last week but since I underestimated how chore tired I am and how annoying it would be to get that ginormous mirror home and mounted, it got the axe at schedule time. This is actually a three-parter with the details side of things, fingers crossed, planned for next week and a wish-list after that.
I choose my outfit the night before and that works so well for me I wanted to take it a level bring the pieces together I see myself wearing the most this season and so here is my spring selection. A mix of key pieces most recent, or that I didn’t get around to in winter or just plain staples every season. And by key pieces, I don’t necessarily mean building blocks but the pieces around which I build my outfit.
  • Being a total shoe-freak I admit whole-heartedly that I often build the look based on what is on the soles on my feet. So no surprise that shoes were the first thing that got selected; Zara start/stop flatform trainers, Givenchy black rose camouflage print slip-on sneakers, Zara TRF high-heel sandals and lastly time to break out the Andie boots.

  • Totally predictable my second love came next. Bags, babycakes; What else than my brand-spanking new Alexander Wang Chastity mini bag, followed by my funnest Wang the Prism tote in mint silicone and to round it off I dare to admit defeat in the form of this white backpack from Zara that I’ve been drooling over for a while. Pictured are the sunglasses that pretty much get swapped between the various bags; The row for Linda Farrow the row 34 sunglasses with gradient lenses and leather arms.

  •  And since I can’t go out naked and not be arrested, the wardrobe actually has to contain clothes; Long time on the look-out for a pair of pure black jeans, this super skinny from 2nd One Nicole fits the bill like they were spray-painted on. Flats, heels, trainers, they look great with them all. When I purchased the jeans I tried them with this cropped long-sleeved blouse with fun front flap. It makes me want to get a mod-squad hair-cut just so I can rock the look. There are several pieces in the Cos Spring/Summer collection that have me chomping at the bit. The minimal, sometimes downright edgy and asexual lines got a bit sexier with cut-outs. My two favourites; the one-sleeve blazer with built in belt looks perfect paired with the skinnies and Givenchy slip-ons. The second is also a technical fabric but in grey and as a dress. Very simple and loose around the middle and fitted on the hip, the deep arm cut keeps it extra interesting. I love coats but they usually end up being carried about on my arm, even in winter because I don’t like feeling bundled up and weighted down. In comes the light structure of this navy beauty of a trenchcoat to replace the heavy, lilac one that was one of the few coats I loved actually wearing way back in the day. And while we’re talking coats, I do dig a good waistcoat. A casual, flowing form takes stiffer dresses and skirts right into spring. Such a skirt is this awesome berry-coloured satin pencil skirt with built-in bow pouches from Antipodium and which is as close to a hip bag as I’ll go. Plus paired with the next item and va-va-voom hipster. And the only item in the league of current spring fashion trends that doesn’t make me sign with despair. I’m sorry but brown, fringe and suede and especially all together does less than nothing for me. Flares and bell-bottoms I can do despite knowing this is the second time round and the saying goes second time round is a no. But heck I’ll just lie to wear these flares because if a jeans sole purpose is to make your butt look good ding ding!

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