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I did another weekend of springtime chores in springtime rain and overcast cloudiness despite my initial idea of doing less. Mostly tidying up my own little secret garden.

Leaving me more less time to finish off some of the posts that I pushed back as I also continue work on the overall blog look. Fresh, crisp and a little bit more paired back, that's the goal. Just like my garden! I like my kitchen shelvie so much and my trees finally blossomed and so I want to show you the view from my kitchen ledge.

Spring is my thing and for that reason the schedule is as well;
  • A double whammy at the corner of Park & Chaste. An old spot with some new love,
  • What’s a new season without a wardrobe change? My go at selecting spring pieces from my closet,
  • A signature scent? How about a signature spring scent,
  • Last and absolutely not least, simply spring. kitchen window kitchen window kitchen window

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