Iced and sweetened iced and sweetened

This is the first of the Arnhemse Stockdagen purchases.. iced and sweetened iced and sweetened iced and sweetened iced and sweetened

I have a thing for ceramics, especially coffee cups. I have a growing collection of totally mismatched, individually interesting cups. And so of course I came home with two more.
Plus a bowl because my ceramic love knows no bounds and this puppy is ceramic gold with it’s matte texture and geometric design. It’s a heatwave here in the Netherlands and so there was no way I was showcasing these babies with actual warm coffee.
And then I remembered a bottle of infused syrup ahem strawberry and mint spiked rum that should be ready just about now. So here you go..
My heatwave coffee station of iced coffee floats, sweetened with strawberry mint rum syrup over 'farmer' style vanilla bean ice cream. Served with pistachio meringue bites and white chocolate, roasted almonds and dessicated coconut covered strawberries.
The marble platter you can find here, the cups and bowl I purchased at Arnhem Coming Soon, the wild lady drink mix is from Pineut.

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