Shaved and spiked; peach & prosecco summer berry granita wild peach prosecco granita

I started this post in the middle of the heatwave. I'm the 'stick to the shade with a cold tall glass in hand' kind and so I set out to make my tall glass..

Summer doesn't get any more summery than berries and ice does it? But I wasn't craving anything creamy or too sweet. So I went with a granita of wild peaches, raspberry prosecco and mint. Delicious just as as but after a first freezing and shaving it got a dousing in sweet, mega spiked strawberry syrup and an extra drizzle at serving time, Now I can close my eyes, sit back and dream a summer's least till I open my eyes as it not yet the magical time of day called kids bedtime!

Cheers to summer!! wild peach prosecco granita wild peach prosecco granita wild peach prosecco granita

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