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Forgive the cheesy title but it rings true. I’m pretty price savvy when it comes to purchases, but then you see it..the piece that makes your palms sweat, knees shake and gets you overall very weak in the limbs. That's how I feel about this sculptural blazer from 3.1 Phillip Lim.

I saw this bad boy hanging on the 50% sale rack, saw the original price and walked away. Only to go back on a next visit to just give it a try for try's sake. Needless to say, a love story like no other. And still I walked away. I went back a week later, thinking if it sold, then so be it but if it's still there than it's kismet. Kismet it is.

I love everything about the jacket, from the perfect tailoring, cap sleeves, asymmetric hem dip and contrasting lapels to the quill cloque material and moss colour. Really all you need to be understatedly eye-catching is a understated eye-catching piece. This is it!

P.S. pictured with my Alexander Wang Audrey booties that fit this jacket to a T. Strong shapes unite..

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