Vacation! vacation! vacation! vacation!

This post goes up around at the time we're hitting the hay as we have a midnight wake-up call! What possessed me with two mini-me's and a major case of 'wrong side of the bed' each and every morning. But then I look at my vacay gear and 'who cares'?

Eating my words with this post because I know I said no slides, no birkenstocks, no flat pool-inspired footwear. But these slippers are rose gold, super soft and oh so comfortable and I actually really like them on. The bikini is probably more than a bit unpractical but since I mostly plan on lounging, it's the perfect bikini with built-in mega fringing. A couple of colourful bangles, my ginormous Marni sunglasses and trusty equally gigantic straw hat and I'm can't be spotted. No worries..there's the 'tiny bringing sexy back' piece all packed and ready...

Happy holidays!

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