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January is the time to get fit(ter), right? I'm starting a new workout routine this month but it's actually more pared back than bumped up. My old routine was three runs a week, one power yoga class and one cardio training. Plus daily core exercises. This was my routine for a good year and half. Except it was really starting to wear on me. My whole day was geared around getting my workouts in. Running became an enormous chore instead of peaceful and motivating. So when other aspects of life, like being a mom and a partner took center stage, it actually felt good to not have exercise in the driver's seat.

Working out is however important to me. Important to the way I feel and definitely in the way I look. So exercise is a must but what, when and most importantly how much? It's team gym! I typically avoid the gym like the plague because an introvert but I went with my guy a couple times and loved it. Right now it's all about the motivation and nothing beats duo workouts with an extreme if secret competitive nature. I refuse to do less reps, period! Plus I've never been more sore and that's a good thing. I'm working different muscles, in different ways and changing it up feels good.

My weekly routine;
  • Wednesday:  cardio/strength
  • Thursday:  cardio/strength
  • Saturday: mindfulness/stretch
  • Sunday; running/core

The idea is to build out the running to two later. For now though nixing the fifth workout and the dailies will hopefully give me more space in my mind and a rock solid body because I love a bit of at home nudity (too much info?).

Pictured are my essentials are my BKR 1L water bottle in hot pink, my iPhone, headphones and flipbelt, which is the most comfortable and versatile holder in like ever! 

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