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Designedlifeblog.blogspot.com bangers

Designedlifeblog.blogspot.com bangers

Designedlifeblog.blogspot.com bangers

A love of cooking doesn't mean I don't have "what the heck are we eating this week" anxiety. Especially with a kid who asks what's for dinner the day before.. On those days the best bet is simple, quick and easy.

Enter my favourite bangers (Merquez sausages) fresh from the butcher.  A fresh, crusty baguette, shavings of cheese and we're almost there. Add in slowly braised sticky onions and dinner is served...

Sticky onions
300 grams onion rings
2 bay leaves
sprigs of thyme
olive oil
2 tablespoons dark brown sugar
1/4 cup bbq sauce of choice
1 cup chicken stock
white balsamico

Add the bay leaves, thyme, onions, oil and garlic and toss with bbq sauce and brown sugar. Cover with chicken stock and simmer on low for two hours or until reduced. Add a splash of balsamico and knob of butter and let cool. Grill the sausages and brush with balsamico during the last minute.

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