New hall, new lay-out and I love it. Wouldn’t change a thing. Would add one thing though...
A place for my keys. At the moment these get throw on whatever free space is still available on the kitchen counters at the end of the workday. And with 8 keys for my house alone and three more for garages and gates, it’s a mini avalanche of keys. Clutter drives me bonkers, so that has got to end as I’m bonkers all by myself.
There are several shelves and things I like. Just take a look at my favourites posts if you need proof. In the end though they are not quite right because the wall is dominated by multiple wackily placed dots, leaving little space for a shelf, even a little one. And if I’m honest a mirror in a hall kinds of freaks me out on the midnight juice run. Plus I can just pop my head in the loo if I really need a last minute check.

I just want a hook to fit in with the rest of the talking heads and gym hooks. Something small, wooden and wonderfully shaped. A quest of epic proportions until now. In comes the Spindle hooks from Dino Sanchez. Small, check. Wooden, check. Wonderfully shaped, check.

And while we’re talking keys, my beloved and super handy Fossil keychain broke. So since we’re talking keys, this keychain from Renske Versluijs please too..perfect for the keys to my soon-to-be new ride. Minty and python and one. Bingo, we found a match!

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