Sporty chic Wang

If I like something, I like it a lot, I like it almost into obsessive compulsive disorder. My 2014 squinty eyed, fingers itching, swallow breathing everything Alexander Wang. I love, adore, covet his designs. It doesn’t matter that that one pair of shoes had me wearing flats for the rest of the week. I still love them, soak my feet for a week straight, give them pride of place in my collection and wear them again, albeit several months later. And even more than the shoes I love his bags and so I went from none to three in the same amount of weeks. I promise all were super sale finds and double-pinkie swear no more..for now (while secretly still on the lookout for a Rockie or Rocco).

The first I shared here, the second is well documented on my Instagram and here is the third. I call this one sporty chic because of the cleanness of the white, the geometric shape and the way the perforated leather looks like mesh. Sporty and simple expect way more posh. Perfect size for the office as I carry quite a bit of tech gear with me. And more importantly life outside the office, because this beauty is too good to just use for work and also way too much fun.

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