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I love my little cold country for many different reasons. Dutch Design definitely being one of them. So much so, I would love to go back to school and study it. In the meantime, say in reality.. I breathe it, exhale it and collect it. 

And now I have found a new spot showcasing brand new, unique design in numbered series: Onderstroom. Gone is the risk of having the same as everyone on the block. For as much as I love big brands with big design budgets like Hay, Ikea and Ferm Living, I love small, special items even more. Items I find in cool shops like Puha (no, they don’t pay me) and Graphic Playground. Onderstroom seems like a great way to crowdfund  a new product into production and kickstart turning a talent into a livelihood for the next generation of Dutch Designers. All while getting your hands on some unique products before you’re outpriced.

Pictured are the three products currently on offer and I love them all! 1. Oma’s lampje (granny lamp) for the use of an industrial material against the traditional take on a lamp. 2. Lichtzit (light chair) is classic scandi style but with the crazy creativity of Doctor Seuss. 3. TubeChair is simple and sleek yet warm. Perfect for my type of outdoor space; urban. I would love this for my furniture-less outdoor space.

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