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I couldn’t help myself and had to do a quickie weekend quote post. This is my quote and I use it for a multitude of sins, I mean things. From how sloppy I look when in full-on lounge mood at home. Really I was asked to ‘please clean it up’, esp. in front of the windows. Apparently XXXL freebie t-shirts with popcorn in the creases and uncombed hair frighten even the passers-by. 

And some others, but I definitely use it for working out. Don’t get me wrong, I love good-looking gear. But outside of the gear, I don’t really care how sweaty and dishevelled I end up looking. In fact, I revel in it. I’m proud I sweat, sometimes like a bloke from the North unexpectedly dropped in the Sahara. I rocked that work-out. To the best of my abilities. So I might as well look it. I can look pretty, darn pretty..later!

P.S. Super happy and excited that I not only made my 30 min. run but felt comfortable doing so. You never know I might get closer to looking pretty after all..

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