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The saying is “trends come and go, classics remain”. Just such a classic is the string shelf from Nils Strinning. Scandinavian minimalism at its finest and therefore it never dates. The thing is…that is just not my thing, not completely. I love mid-century modern and adore Scandinavian interiors but I can’t live in them. I love colour, I love adaptions, I love new takes and spins on classics. I love new design even more than established design.

On the flip side older homes usually have built-in storage while new built home seems to forget that modern living doesn’t make you less messy. It simply means you are better at hiding the mess in sleek looking storage. I live in a home that was built last year and so I need more storage, especially in my living room. And so since moving in I have been contemplating how best to utilise the blank wall space off the TV cabinet. Lots of ideas and lots of products passed the review but the one that really stuck, that really got me excited was..

The Strut Shelving System from Souda. The company’s name roughly translated from Japanese means "Oh, yeah!". That’s what I am talking about. Fresh, young, innovative and fun. I love this shelf. It’s like a cool new take on the string shelving and brings that classic bang up to date. Modern minimalism. Adaptable; add as many as you need and want. Architectural; inspired by the Manhattan Bridge. For me the rose gold version is the way to go but they have different colours and finishes (boards and hardware), including cool white. This is the shelf for me.

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