Lightbox love

Mika has neon lighting from Seletti in his room and the three of us (kiddos plus mom) flipping adore it. And every time I see those cool giant letters with bulbs I think amazing. Then I wonder where the heck would I place such a sign and how long before I get bored and want to change it up? So how much do I adore the idea of a cinematic lightbox? Loads and loads. 

Because it’s the perfect size to place on a desk, windowsill or sideboard without swallowing the rest of the space whole and it provides more possibility for changing up the text. Today’s statement isn’t necessarily tomorrow’s. I’m a girl, I change my mind like I change my bag..and if you have been paying attention, I change those alot. My motto is Bitchin  but there are so many thoughts, emotions, moods, I’d like to express. I’m a mix and this allows me to mix it up. Vying for top spot is Own. Own; my own style, my life and owning it. This is what my box would say right now.  Now I’m off to go get me a lightbox.. from Aussie company Page Thirty Three. They come in two sizes and four colours.

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