Femme fatale fit.. sexy work-out clothes

I grab my work-out kit five times a week of which four are in public. While I'm not all too concerned with my looks during the workout (some of those yoga poses obliterate all intent of looking hot as I count how many rolls appear and imagine how unsexy that clam roll knees around ears looks). I do however feel the urge with the shift to spring and lighter gear to step it up..at least till I get started. Maybe not full battle gear but some rocking wear and maybe a touch of red lippy..

sexy work-out clothes round-up
While I don't quite see myself working out in just a (smoking) sports bra the zipped Jasmine bra from Lisa Marie Fernandez or Daisy contour from Bodyism of which even the back sizzles..

No getting around it, I love a legging for working out. Polka-dots and mesh Prana leggings from The Upside, 7/8 length leggings in eggshell from Stella McCartney, Y.A.S. sports legging with seaming and mesh in evening blue and I am a shiny panelled leggings by Bodyism. And when it gets to warm these Stella McCartney shorts please.

Sexy functional tops are tough to find and so I stick to cotton and simple but man that zipped mesh running top from NLY sport and the intricate ergonomic running t-shirt from Falke has be already working up a sweat..working not for the faint of heart.

Despite near frozen digits every time I leave the house, I flipping despise running in the sun. I feel like a vampire when I see the sun starting to climb..and so I need some shade by way of this TPU and mesh cap from Stella McCartney because I also can't do sunglasses and movement. Yes, there are cheaper and more functional headbands but none quite so cute and fun as this floral headband from Live The Process. 
I ran across the pictures in my phone while looking at my work-out gear. Surprised because I was contemplating adding specific thigh-slimming moves to my daily core set (hello drumsticks). I still might add them in but was happy to see they actually do participate. More importantly a valuable lesson for shopping my fit femme fatale look..for me it’s longer lengths, below the knee does less than nothing. Live, learn, get the length. I have a new pair and the run cap that I might put on my instagram if I still love them after a run.

Now to tackle a cool work-out hairstyle because bangs are cute till they get sweaty.. 

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