Seeing green

This is the sitting side of my living space. I showed you the media side here. I originally planned on showing them together, because heck my space is ahem petite, but decided the details are just too good. 

While I’m still fantasising about a grouping of small coffee tables, the current lonely tabletop got a refresh with different candles, tealights, my beloved coffee tree in a jar (Pikaplant), the big brother to these coffee cups from De Intuitiefabriek and a new espresso cup and porcelain spoon which I physically shopped instead of my usual online habit but more about that tomorrow.
I vowed to relax on the couch more, I changed out the cushions. I love my Hay dots ones but was not in the mood for colour so in the fall I changed them to black and white ones but those were too small for good support and if I’m going to relax then I am going to do it right… propped up to the nines. How cool is the Objekten kangaroo cushion with pockets? In fave eggplant because lifting my arm to the coffee table is just too much effort to get the zapper. Off-set with a blue Muuto grid cushion the prop-factor is nigh on perfect..after I finish snuggling my tootsies into the sheepskin..

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