Green-fingered cable girl

This post is a combination of two things that were bugging me about my living room. Firstly the cables running down the wall behind the television. I have yet to decide what the permanent fix will be and if to put the media boxes in the storage unit as originally intended. I keep thinking about some sort of extra wall, maybe in plywood and running down the top, front and bottom of the cupboards but that is a major project I’m just not ready to tackle. But since I just about screamed every time those suckers ended up in a photo, I needed a quick fix. Bam, posters. 
Framed posters that hide the majority of the cables. I was a bit hesitant, thinking they might be too distracting when watching telly but luckily that proved a non-issue. The rest of the cables are obscured by issue number two..planting.
Green, living things, I need plants in my space. See here and here. Since the untimely death of my bird of paradise there is just the one little orchid and weekly bouquet in my living space. Not enough to make an impact, especially with the higher ceilings. I had moved the plants pots from hidden behind the blinds to the media cupboard weeks earlier but finally got around to filling them and with staghorn ferns. This plant was the first one I bought for my first grown-up joint apartment and it so it’s back in my first grown-up single space. 

But that was not enough because I wanted to make more of the height, so stretching down to meet the ferns are two delicate glass hanging pots containing an equally delicate flower and offset by a single wall candle holder which twinkles of the glass at nighttime highlighting the beauty of the flame lilies.

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