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I shop about 95% of the time online. No matter the screen size, I can make it work. No matter how close the shop (Hema literally two minutes away), I prefer delivery to my door or more often than not to my neighbour's door.  I do this not only because it is extremely easy and handy but also because I have little time during working hours because..I work and when I’m not, I’m mom and when I’m not that, I’m working out and when I’m not doing that I’m working here. Shopping is an after ten pm activity mostly which is my goal time to stop with the chores and have a cuppa or go to bed, depending on how ahem moody I am. 
But sometimes, every couple months or so, I need to get out. This trip started with a visit to the salon because nothing relaxes me more than having my scalp massaged, except a foot reflexology session which is my favourite thing in the world but back to the town trip. I decided to make a day of it, meaning each evening the week before was extra-long to free up Saturday, usually my chore and blog day. Needless to say, like most chicks after a good cut, I left swinging my head and feeling like a goddess. Then it was time to hit the shops. 
The only clothing store I physically visit (alas no webshop) is Label which celebrated their 5th anniversary and was extra busy. I shop here often because it’s fun and affordable, with good service and being an independent shop I run less risk of running into my double. What can I say..I did not leave empty handed but I’ll show you that another time with some other bits of Winter to Spring kit. 
I also stopped at You are Here which is amazingly hip and carries brands that I typically only find online in my neck of the woods. The fact that it has amazing home accessories, including lots of Hay, is a bonus. I fell madly for a pink bag from Orla Kiely that was on sale and had to quickly leave to avoid a bag purchase, because if there is one item I don’t need more of, (after shoes) it’s bags. Still contemplating and hoping for a windfall but happy just to browse this hip hub.

I originally planned to go home after then, as to get some extra chores done before heading out to the movies in the evening but my car drove me as if by magic to Strijp S, which is hip urban centre for my town (Eindhoven de gekste!) even though I technically live out in the boondocks. A stop at Urban shopper, where they had some cool example areas from VT Wonen going up, a fave spot for kids clothing at Siki (love that robot sweater and so would Mika), I finally got to try the natural lip balm from Kiyoko (protective but too bland for me), a definite option for my coffee table grouping sighting at Kriz and a fun light at Garderobe/Craft IndustryA stop at studioRUIG to pick up (link) my Pikaplant and another gorgeous cup by De Intuitiefabriek because I love individual coffee cups like I love sugar and I live for and on sugar.

The first stop and the best of the day was Out of the Blue. I visited this store last year but it’s so good now. I started snapping pics with my phone left and right, everything was so beautiful, innovative and unique. A creatively decorated space with creative products. 
Excellent and friendly service, which makes gives it a top spot in my book. I totally dislike snobby stores and quite a few design spots are just that, giving you withering looks that say ‘you do not belong to the upper echelons entitled to shop here’. None of that here, very helpful, lots of information and offer of coffee to someone just browsing from their indoor drinks station located at that gorgeous live-edge table. Stores like these are to be treasured even more for the snooty ones that make design something for the select instead of an inspiration for all. 
I left with a beautiful new addition to my ever-growing coffee cup collection and a spoon for my sugar. And a most lovely candle that is a series of six moments of the day including ‘ the fuck it moment’ and each has an accompanying poem. I went with friendship which is soft, subtle and sweet. I notice that I have been slowly adding scents into my space, something new for me, but which makes a space complete. These scents make such a great gift and are beautifully wrapped. Mine is a gift to myself and sits on my coffee table, because when I do relax, I want to drift away in the candlelight on a lightly scented cloud..

I finished my 'out on the town' outing with a bite and a coffee at Caffee Allee. I had a latte brulee which I will be trying to recreate at home. I mean how utterly brilliant? My favourite things, coffee and crème brulee combined in one. Yksi, located adjacent to the cafe, is a great spot for design accessories and showcases like the funky benches or 3 R's exhibit pictured. There was a example of the available lofts in the building where I spotted the ultra-cool clothing rack and suspended television. Spaces like these make me long a bit for being a young, fresh, unencumbered twenty-something despite loving being a thirty something mom of two with massive hoarding capabilities. The extremely heavy vessel containers, yes please. And the grey Olav Slingerland vase to join the blue one I own would be a dream. All in all I had a lovely couple of hours out on the town, visiting favourite spots and learning new ones.

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