A timely dessert

My kitchen is the offspring of my old one, meaning half the size. I will be tackling that soon as procrastination slowly rubs off but back to my weekend day treat. I felt like making a treat but something a bit more grown-cup and no (cup)cakes as I had enough of those last week at my son’s birthday party. 
I looked in my fridge (a miracle in and of itself), saw I still had an almost full packet of thyme from last week and a plan formed. Since weekends are just as packed as weekdays something simple enough to make but with impact to make Saturday Sunday Monday feel decadent despite just lazing about with the kids. Thrown in the fact that it mustn't be too rich as to make me too groggy to run after the kids. 
I went with puff pastry layers sandwiched, stacked and rolled together with rich pats of creamy butter between the layers. The top sandwich layer is butter and milk-washed and sprinkled with thyme I dipped in sugar and baked till crystallised for extra effect and taste. But what’s between the layers? A lightly sweetened mix of mascarpone and sour cream and folded through with beaten double cream. More leaves of crystallised thyme and a quick set in the fridge and the filling is heavenly. Like eating a cloud. But no no no, we are not there yet!
On top of the angel pastries are pears. And by pears I means pears sauteed and caramelised in thyme infused butter with brown sugar and muscat. Decorated with a few more sprigs of sugared thyme and the reduced pear syrup and dessert is right on time..

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