This week has all the usual suspects including the results of the mini update of my man’s room. It also holds something a bit different; a post about the rules of my home. Interested? Check back later in the week, but first;
  • I am eating like I haven’t in a long time..thankfully the next post is workout related. But first it's time for another sweet treat. This time based on the lovely spring weather we had but with a citrus kick.
  • I swoon over suave workout gear like I do over shoes, so of course I want to share the kit to make you and my you I mean me the hottest thing at the gym, on the track or wherever we break a sweat.
  • I have been craving out storage space after storage space and this a preview of the next spot to tackle.
  • Here is the my heartbreaker's (girls go gaga for the hair and me for everything) updated bedroom.
  • And as promised, rounding off the week with my home rules.
The pictures are of the flowers on my dining's a pink thing!



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