I have so many post ideas that the schedule is actually done for the next month despite a high weekly post count. I think meditation is my blog caffeine! But for now, the coming week because a lady never reveals all her secrets;
  • I’m thinking it’s time to go from five to seven workouts a week because I’m eating like a horse lately. Here is a special, I won’t even try it with the kids, sweet & spicy dinner.
  • I didn’t necessary get myself a birthday gift but does not mean I completely passed up the winter sales. Let me show you my first love..
  • My baby boy is not a baby anymore having turned three in February. And so here’s a little sneak of his room update to celebrate.
  • Urban green post one, two and three are not a trilogy. Here’s a little bit more lush in my living, plants and comfort wise.
  • Funny but I rarely make it to the city despite still being only twenty minutes away but when I do go I enjoy myself, see for yourself..

The pictures are of my garden, almost ready for spring. Finally seating in the form of extremely budget-friendly stools that give me the industrial look of Tolix. Plus the color is a good match for the slate tabletop. Total score. A little soft lighting and I finally finished the slate in the grass bed because mud heaps and three year old boys just don’t go. I’m ready for the promised spring weather this week. Even my trees are ready to blossom. Cheers!

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