My home rules

My current home I treat differently to all others before, despite having left my parents’ home at seventeen for college and giving me a decade and a half of learning my home rules. The fact that it’s a rental doesn’t factor into the equation much. Not having another adult to quibble with about the decor does factor in. Yea for girly, pretty and sometimes a little less functional. But still even removing that factor and this home is special. This home, from the time I saw it dust-covered as an empty shell, felt like home, my home. The lay-out is right for me but the biggest thing is the light. Most Dutch homes are skinny but my home is built in the width giving me oodles of sunlight. 

Rule one                                                                                                                                     
Sunshine makes me happy but recently I realised I'd had gotten into the habit of shutting all the blinds and curtains all the time. A no-no because nothing makes for happy more than sunshine. Even on a icy cold but sunny winter day I can't stop smiling. sunshine is too stinking happy. Rule 1: open up, let the sun shine in!

Rule two
I love the light that floods my space during the day but when nighttime comes I want it just as bright till it is time to hit the hay. I have six lights in my bedroom and they all go on because dark corners drive me mad. Same said for all the spaces, from living to kids room. I have more lighting than ever but it’s not about creating an airstrip. The lighting is layered and spread to make it feel comfortably well-lit. Rule 2: Light em up!

Rule three
Number three is a spin-off of rule two; candles. I have candles spread out around the house, from bedroom to living to bath. The softness of candlelight is unmatched. The twinkling automatically calms and relaxes me. Rule three: In the candlelight!

Rule four
This is one of m absolute favourites. Greening it up, living things make a space feel like home. Nothing says comfort like being surrounded by plants and flowers. I have then everywhere, from kitchen sill to bathroom and everything in between. Rule four; Land of the living!

Rule five
The first four rules are expanded on but not new. Number five is a newbie; scent. My candles are (lightly) scented and specific to the setting, I spritz my pillow at night with a calming scent and one of the three particular bedroom scents in the candles go on. Even my loo and bath have a real if tiny bottle of a scent I want to smell because air fresheners just won’t do. Rule five; Sense of smell!

Rule six
What’s sense without touch? I love softness of touch. Sheepskins, plaids, furs. I love running my hands over the surfaces and feeling the different textures. I love the hard lines and look of minimalism but crave the softness texture brings. Rule six: Soft to the touch!

Rule seven 
Rule seven combines all of the above. Mood. Each space has a mood. Lighting, scent, texture all add to the feeling of the space. Indirect and more subtle an impact than the decor but equally important in getting it right. When I have the lighting set to soft in the heady scent of my retreat, with candles blazing and Vivaldi (literally the only time I don't go for beats) softly on, while lounging on the dozen or so cushions and plaids that my bed holds, it is the sexiest spot on the planet. My woman cave. Rule seven: Mood matters!

Rule eight
Last and most important; Enjoy home!

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