The dirty little secret..the laundry room after laundry redo

This space was relatively neat till Christmas but when my collection of Christmas decorations moved in followed by a massive editing of my wardrobe I gave up on organisation and neatness. Stepping over multiple things to get to the washer and ironing without the board (machete needed to make it to the back wall) became the norm. 
After stubbing my toe for the hundredth time digging out the vacuum..and after I'd finished swearing I decided enough already. I added a shelf up high for all my Christmas decorations. Junk and broken bits got ruthlessly tossed. Same said for anything that serves no purpose in the foreseeable future, like empty boxes kept just because they might be handy or scraps of wrapping to small to wrap a cd. 
A little shelf above the machine, which also hides the valve, holds the detergents, freeing up space on the storage unit. That also got a good shuck and chuck and the remaining items are stored in simple meaning cheap, matching storage boxes from Ikea. The only items not neatly packed away are the ones worth looking at. 
I dreaded this job like others a visit to the dentist but in the end it was not as mind-blowingly tedious as I’d envisioned..just. It was however annoying. The little shelf was a pain having recently hit electric wires I was worried about cutting my electricity again so of course all the screws were positioned directly above the outlet and then after I got that it turns out the side wall is more crooked than old buildings in Amsterdam. And truly only I would not calculate how little manoeuvre space is available above your head and between in the pipes. Worth it though, I love this space and open the door for a peek each time I pass. It's just so darn neat and tidy! laundry redo laundry redo laundry redo laundry redo laundry redo laundry redo laundry redo laundry redo laundry redo

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