My first love

I mentioned on facebook spotting these babies in the winter sales. I wish I weren’t but I am majorly obsessed with A brands. Think Acne, Avelon and Alexander Wang.  So when I see these brands in the sales, I get a weak pulse. When I see it's a shoe sale, I get giddy and light-headed because I am a shoe chick all the way.
My first love, over-represented in my wardrobe and occupying top-billing, will forever be what goes on my feet. Joining the A’s in my shoe wardrobe are the Andie boots from Alexander Wang. The butter soft suede, the angled notched heel, the pointy nose, the leather ribbing, this is the perfect wedge ankle boot. My shoe love just got a big bigger. Now to muster the courage to wear them further than the carpeting of my bedroom..

Coincidentally the shot is of a new spot in my space..stay tuned for more treasure(spots).. and hanging the dot back..

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