Dinner: sereh shrimp & sugar syrup paksoi

All my teeth are sweet, down to the last molar. Brown sugar goes in a lot of my savoury dishes because nothing beats an intensely browned bit of caramel in my book.
On my last vacation, sadly way back in 2012, I had a plate of crispy stir-fried greens dripping in sugar syrup. Needless to say love at first bite and my inspiration for this week.
But what to serve my plate of leafy, garlicky, peppery, sugary goodness with? Why not go for gold and do another food my kids will not touch and to be honest if the heads are still attached neither will I. Anyone else have this fear?
Thank heavens for supermarket prettiness but head trimming is worth it. What’s better than a plate full of spicy, garlicky, sugar stir-fried paksoi and sugar & sereh grilled shrimp? Eating it in lounging  with woolly socks, in front of the boob tube.

P.S. and followed up by a big bowl of popcorn with salted caramel and a movie. Hell yeah, my Saturday night was better than yours. I could teach you, but I'd have to charge..

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