Cleaning out my closet

I tried sorting my wardrobe into spring/summer and autumn/winter in an effort to free up some space in my working wardrobe. That is the wardrobe situated in the bedroom versus the wardrobe in the guest bedroom and the extra clothing rail in the office. Bags are even more spread out around the house and jewelry is divided over five different storage boxes. The result of divide and conquer: Fail! 

Why? A. Quite a large amount of items, except super thick knits, can be worn throughout the seasons. Throw on a blazer or cardigan and bam that top is still workable. Shoes are a bit more dividable but even in the winter I still wear pumps and strappy heels, even when it snows. What can I say, I am just more confident when my pins are topped off with a pair of pins. So most of the clothes and shoes are still being worn. B. I replenish my closet at a rate akin to the speed of light. I keep a list (I love a good list) of items that have yet to be worn and at the moment it stands at twenty-six pieces including shoes, which are my one true love. If I added the things that have only had one go, we might be blushing. Luckily a perfect vision appears of the desired outfit down to the accessories and my elephant’s memory takes me right to the spot, no matter where that spot is. But still, there is definite room for improvement in my methods. I mean if I am keeping the doors of a wardrobe closed by putting a chair under the handles, maybe we need to slim down the fat from say obese to at least thick-boned?

My ultimate goal is to have only a working wardrobe, but we need to take baby steps here. For now what is not or not effectively being worn gets sorted into; donate to good will or sell that puppy. You never know, I might end up with a good sized nest egg for my first designer handbag; a fashion goal for 2014. The sorting in order of dire need is clothes, jewelry and accessories and lastly shoes. For shoes my goal is to eventually have then all up and showing as I now only have space to stall the first thirty or so and have more shoes than weeks to the year. I love above all other fashion items, a new pair of shoes. Parading around in front of the mirror in heels used to and still cheers me up on a fat day. The good thing or bad thing, depending on how you see it, about my shoe love is that I actually were them all now outside. Actually, now I think about it I just might make a shoe post. Aah, pic after pic of shoe after shoe. Valhalla. But not getting too sidetracked, here are the results of the first clear out; the wardrobes in the guest. Now off to the secondhand shops, 3 giant bags full. Plus 3 more for goodwill, one of baby goods and one of junk (who needs seven extra guest pillows?). 8 bags of stuff gone! I think the shelf if not the entire cupboard is thanking me.



P.S. check out the coming bucket list post for more of my fashion goals. And the continued clear out..

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