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I only just got started on my bucket list but nothing motivates me like striking something off a list, so I decided to do a quick update. Here’s how far I’ve gotten.
  1. Clear out and reduce my wardrobe to workable proportions. I started with the overflow cupboards. And plan to do shoes and accessories this weekend.
  2. Organize and showcase my beloved shoe collection. B. Wear them all. I realize now that I missed several good ones in the photo op but after 145 pictures I’d had enough. I did work some new ones in this week.
  3. Take better care of my skinI don’t wear make-up at home/at weekends so never bother doing more than splashing cold water on my face. I am now pushing myself to be less lazy on weekends and cleanse properly. I started using an eye serum just this week to help with the darkness and bags I seem to have grown overnight. I got back on track with treating my dry, sensitive skin better with at least a daily moisture rubdown.
  4. Make granola. Loved the cherry, almond chocolate version I made so much, I am going to make more with my second favorite; dried blueberries.
  5. Sort and switch out toys. I weeded out the toy bins to manageable proportions. Result is a slightly less daycare room look and the kids can’t make choices because they can see and find what they have.
  6. Get the kids involved in cooking. Took baby steps this weekend with French toast and caramel. Kudos to Zoe Isobel for getting in there and dipping and dunking. Raw egg still makes me squeamish. Even Mika was great, sitting and watching everything from a bar stool pulled up to the counter.
  7. Learn more so I can do more. There was a masterclass photography and styling this week from Meet the Blogger that I saw too late and was already fully booked so I put my name on the wait list. The next class is mine as better photo’s is something I really want to be able to produce. Nothing like eye candy.

Let’s see if we can keep the momentum going as by the end of January the motivation usually wanes and by February all good thoughts and resolutions are forgotten. I’m determined not to slide but to have less stuff I don’t value and to experience more! Got to get that bucket empty!!

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