Heaven at my feet

No question about it my absolute favorite fashion item is a pair of shoes. Makes, breaks and completes an outfit. Often the starting point in fact. My shoes are sometimes so outspoken, whether in heel height or style, that it demands the rest of the outfit take a backseat or at least get in line behind them. My shoes vary in range from slippers bought for twenty Malaysian ringgit’s to ahem more expensive brands, whose prices shall not be mentioned for fear certain someones might keel over with early onset heart attack.

I have no idea how many I own as they are spread out over several different spots. I curb and cull every so often but still it grows as I wear all the shoes because they make me feel great, stronger actually and so I feel OK to get a new feistier pair. I used to throw on a pair of killer heels and parade around in front of the mirror on a low-confidence day. Now I throw on a great pair of shoes every time I leave the house. 

And yep, when it comes to shoes I am a typical women; style first, comfort later and the old adage “you have to suffer to be beautiful” definitely applies. The higher and or odder the better, despite the fact that I have a pair of custom insoles to correct the odd shape of my feet and my weak knee. Even having my feet swell up and ache all night long will not keep me away for more than a day. Don’t get me wrong, I do wear flats but mostly heels. Hey, even my sneakers have hidden heels. So here is a tribute to my shoes, not all of them because that would take me ages to photograph and also not fit in the one post!

P.S. I tried to take a head count and gave up!

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