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The search for the inspiring is a constant one. In a week I see so many wonderful things, deliberately searched or accidentally found, that I thought ‘Why not bundle those suckers together at the end of the week'. And make it my first official recurring post! Mondays is unofficially my day for posting about enjoying the weekend, which means stuffing my pie hole. Hey that reminds me, I haven’t made pie in a while..

Fridays are now for favorites. These are the favorites I found this week:


  1. Reminds of the cool mirror I spotted at DDW, this version would look great resting on a dresser.
  2. I try to leave my bed as little as possible. This Sleeping Tomorrow concept bed from DesleeClama would help me get that much closer.
  3. Black leather and chains. I am sold. This would be a great slim-downed version for my current &Other Stories workbag.
  4. What a great way by Alessi to showcase all the great postcards and prints they seem to be so many of lately. Or birthday cards, Christmas cards, birth announcement cards. You name it, it holds it.
  5. A convertible dress. Zip it off to take it from work to fun or from winter to spring. Totally digging this concept, also from & Other Stories.
  6. I have a thing for white vases but I also love to change it up, especially in the spring. With these aptly named Butternut embroidery vases I don't even need flowers, just add wool.

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