Suburban storage

Not a new product or even a new brand but a love none the same. I love pretty much everything Seletti makes, including this submarine I got for Christmas. They're cool, fun, weird and wacky take on product concepts makes me smile out loud. So how great is this wall storage, in collaboration with Note Design Studio? It takes the modness of the Utensilo to the place where I belong; suburbia.

I am urban chick, so why should my storage not reflect my love of buildings, pavements, trees and pools. What am I babbling on about? Check of the second pic, because when laid flat the neighbourhood emerges. I can't decide if white is the way to good as it also comes in a natural wood finish that is rather fab. What I can decide on is that this would be great above the kid's desk, holding some of the ginormous collection of crafting supplies.

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