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Yes, I have a smartphone, a laptop and an iPad, but I still use.. shudder and shiver.. an actual notebook. I jot down notes during meetings even though my handwriting is so terrible that I often can’t read it afterwards. It just plain helps me to remember better than simply pressing a key. Plus I list ideas for this blog as they come to me and make loads of sketches of projects, room ideas and designs which I am not skilled enough to do digitally. Basically any and all things I want to visualize end up in my notebook.

  • I currently use a great blank paged white with pink edging notebook by Nuuna. Check out and score their collection hereKeeping with the print idea, I am loving the ‘skin’ and text collections.
  • And once you have your thing, stick firmly with it. So how could I resist a python texture with a skull? This 'good girls, bad girls' notebook from Sloane Stationery is totally wicked!
  • Fell in love with the pen orgy pencil case. The bright yellow and witty text on this 'great ideas, cunning plans' notebook finishes it off. From Happy Jackson.
  • And as a blogger, what better than to finish this list with a notebook titled 'bloggers I met and liked' from Archie Grand.

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