Princess and the pea

Hands down this is the fairy tale I identified with the most as a child and still do now.  One bit of lint, a crumb or wrinkle in the sheets and I am out and straightening and righting the bedding wrongs. And since my daughter is my princess, pea or not, I love the idea of incorporating a princess and the pea style lounge element into her room. How cool are these mattresses with their funky prints? From hip Spanish brand  Nobodinoz. Also available via My little square.

You can DIY this idea with any fabric you want but what I love about this line is the thinness of the mattresses. The thin layers makes the concept, of stacking mattress upon mattress high in the sky, like the illustrations from the book, much more real. Plus it would be great to lay them all out flat like tatami mats for slumber parties and romping around. Ideal for protecting my rambunctious bundle of energy.
I just might slip a pea in!

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