DDW 14

Despite looking forward to DutchDesignWeek 2014 I could barely muster the energy to go. Maybe it’s the switch from summer to autumn and then back to summer that has me feeling like a sloth. Seriously my bathrobe and fuzzy slippers (just kidding about the slippers) need a break..
But on the day before last, wind, rain, a failed attempt with kids nor lack of muster or even an unbegun cleaning routine couldn’t deter me from at least taking a good look. Old favourites, new designs, good vibes, a bit of shopping and a final stop at Pinkie’s Patisserie for macarons and I’m good! Here’s an account of my visit, taken mostly with my iPhone as I forgot my camera.

I love the use of cheap building materials such as all the plywood furniture and decorative tree from the Karwei stand. Another example is the use of building rubble bags as planters, ingenious!

Who knew black could be so sexy, seriously has me considering scrapping the planned swing for an outdoor shower.

Loving the combination of materials; mash-ups rule! Stone, wood, metal, glass, you name it, it got mixed. Even furniture dying got an update. And what didn't saw itself used in a new way. The locking system on a cabinet to deter any thief, a bell lamp or well lamp, a locker made of wood or gold mesh cupboard, a railing so beautiful I rather risk tripping that smudging.

Some of the lovely products on show. I love the modernity, especially combined with all the wood. From light, sleek and smooth to the raw edge in the garden furniture. For everyone and everything, with a large and miniature kids bed and designed rocker to suspended gardens and cool outdoor furniture.

And what's design without art? Here are some true beauties. From wearable art in the form of stellar shoes and rocking frocks. To matte black powder porcelain sculptures, gorgeous bowls and fun and funky flower vases. Not forgetting the sponge ape man or giant bunny of course!

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