Cool cups

I showed you the first half of my Dutch Design Week purchase here. But to be honest, the bag is still hanging next to the wardrobe waiting for free storage space. Yep, still procrastinating about that wardrobe cleaning. One day soon she said half-heartedly. 
But in the meantime I can unpack the other half of my purchase at studioRUIG. Stuck on repeat…I have a thing.. for cool coffee cups. I love my taped cups, my snout cups and my wash me cups. To these I add the most minimal and beautiful of the lot; porcelain espresso cups from De Intuitie Fabriek. These cups are divine, with the powdery texture, smoothest surface and slight graduation in colour. Crafted to perfection, they fit snugly in the palm of your hand and look gorgeous on any tabletop. What more can you ask for? Beautiful to hold and behold. I even found a good instant coffee pad with notes of vanilla and crème de liquor to make my cup of joe an experience worth savouring in these beauties. That and one of my favourites cookies at dusk..a perfect simple joy.

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