This print is now hanging on my wall and I love it. I live it. Mika is two, has a wardrobe based around superheroes, down to his pj's. He can not decide whether it's Superman or Batman. I am going to go with Robin for the minute, because he says to me 'ik ben nog klein, ik ben nog baby, mama optillen''. Cheeky little devil, my Batman in training.

The superwoman that is me. I was just head bopping around my living room listening to music because that soothes me, movement and dance. The song 'superheroes' came on which I usually would click away for more swagger. But today I listened..."If you've been fighting for all your life, that's how superheroes learn to fly". I am among other components part Disney princess but more so a Superman fan (esp. the old 70's and 80's ones with Christopher Reeve).

The superhero to this day falls deeply just before the final fight that wins the battle.We can all get that right, I do. Every one has a fight at some time, some may seem smaller and some tougher, but to that person it's their fight. My fight is soul. Soul embodies family and confidence, all the things that deal with heart. Heart is above all what I strive for, all my life. In the simplest family meal, tiniest kiddy surprise, shortest run, the most insignificant of blogposts, in simply walking chin up. When a superhero falls, he gets back up, tough as that might be. Seriously with broken and bloody bits and me thinking that's not going to happen, it wouldn't be me, stay down. Guess what, I fall, hard, broken and bloody and then I get back up. Painfully and slowly sometimes but I get up, weakened maybe but yet still stronger. Like I said, mind over body; focus. Wax on, wax off, little grasshopper. I have confidence, I have strength, I have heart. Baby, I got soul. My own, not based or strutted against anyone else, not seen through the eyes of others who might see but not value. To get back up, for me, for my Batman, for my Supergirl, for that girl, gives me wings and the strength of ten. Superhero attributes that make me more than supergirl, or even supermom, it makes me my Superwoman.

To all my Batmen and Superwomen!

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