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I love shopping for my kids as least as much as for myself. I not so secretly look forward to the yearly H&M All for Children collection.We loved the adorable play tent from a  previous collection. And the dress up clothes from last year are still being worn but yet remain in pristine condition. I love the fun of the collections, the quality of the pieces and not forgetting the idea behind it to help kids whose worries go far beyond what to wear.
That being said I sighed, again not so secretly, when I saw this year’s collection had an obvious bug theme. I hate bugs and live in dread of the day my son comes homes with some creepy crawler in his palms. Bugs, blech. I shiver in fear and steel myself for the day. Luckily today is not that day. 
And yes there were a few pieces that did the old pony trick of kiddie fun and mom-approvedness. While I love leggings and skinny jeans showcasing the skinny twigs my son calls legs, I love these cargo pants for bringing out a bit of adventure readiness. And knowing my love of superheroes, there was no way I was passing up this sweater dress with built in mesh wings. Pictured with pirates hat from the previous year's collection and and a pair of studded Allstars that are a miniature version of mine!

And for the girls? How could I not get the pink sweater dress that reminds me of a crossing between Lambie (yep I watch kids cartoons now) and a pink stuffed crocodile. A rose gold zip adds a touch of girl-approved hipness and the hoodie just plain young fun. 

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