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Art makes your home your own and I share my home with a two and a four year old. That means almost every day I’m handed a new piece of art. Whether it be one squiggle, a Picasso inspired piece or often something I just can’t place no matter how much I squint. I select the best and keep those in a special art folder. A regularly rotating collection was kept on the vertical heater in the previous kitchen, there is a bursting cupboard of treasures in the living room and forgive me but parents know the drill some just don’t get kept.. but I promise this pile is small.
But in this home I figured since the kids basically run the entire middle floor why not start displaying their art where they can see and why not let them choose it? Especially as they are getting better and better. This is their gallery, for the wee ones by the wee ones (with a little hanging help).
A mixed collection of inexpensive standard frames, all white because I still live here too. A few miniature shelves for special toys. And a flower piece by mom, who was going for a confetti waterfall only to remember confetti is in the crafting boxes at dad's. The nesting dolls are our family and the bear her first nightlight. Add a couple of purchased pieces, see a pre-selection here

Voila, 2 ½ vertical metres of kid-made and kid-inspired art space, with a minimal mom aesthetic thrown in.The garbage truck Zoe Isobel drew and zigzagged cut for Mika, the hearts are from just before she got those perfected (seriously better than mine now), the green and pink fishes are they respective favourite colours and the butterflies, what can I say besides I have a thing for butterflies.

They get to change it up when they have a new piece they are super proud of. I’m all for creativity and change. Keep it fresh, keep it young, keep it fun!

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