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One of my neighbours recently had her garden done. Two weeks, one vacation later and there is shiny, new, professional piece of garden perfection with hammock and hot tub waiting. Needless to say, I’m pea green with envy. My garden is no way near complete and definitely will not have the new penny perfection of a professional job as everything except the patio is done my own hands. A triumph in itself to get halfway there as the sight of a earthworm or slug makes me faint and queasy. But the upside up having so much ahem inspiration in your eyes, is having more zest to get it done, fall or not. And while I might not be able to get it all done exactly like the vision, though I sure as heck will try, a girl can dream..

A combination of chairs and concrete stools or maybe a long concrete bench and softened and warmed by a smattering of sheepskins. A BBQ but for now a minimalist fire pit for chilly evenings and the coolest Russian nesting dolls hurricane lamps to light those evenings. I promised the kids a swing and I have loved the Leaf swing for so long but the hanging Nautica seat has me in doubt. Last and totally not suited for autumn as I don't have a sauna and don't need the cold..chill down, I still want but for next spring an outdoor shower, black as the night and more minimal than a straight line!

And this is a pic of my latest push with slate pebbles, a mix of autumnal coloured grasses and flowering trees. Hopefully a blossom blush at springtime but for now the sound of the grasses is so soothing and oak bark smells lovely after the rain!

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