Hop, toot & scotch

I am really not a playground kind of mom, they aren’t very many where I live and it’s been cold of late. But I do want my kids to play, be imaginative and move there cute little kids limbs (just not in the direction of my face, which is generally the risk and fact with indoor playtime). So if we are not going out, we need to bring the play indoors. We have plenty of space in the downstairs hall, so why not utilise that for playtime? 
I originally thought of using a girlie pink confetti patterned washi tape but I not only have a pink loving girl but also an automobile crazy boy who is too young for hopscotch, once again risking a face knock or gut prodding. The ‘my first autobahn’ tape from Donkey products was my choice till I saw they have a train version as well. It is a bit more graphic, which I prefer but mostly because trains rule for being bigger, faster and plain old cooler!
Combined together I have something for both; a play activity for my daughter (and me) and a train track for my son! The only downside, you can't train and jump at the same time. May the best kid win..while I stand back away from flailing kids limbs.

P.S. this is the first half of an update of the hall with more fun & functionality! Any ideas as to what's planned for the second? I'l give you a hint: take a load off..

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