Few posts and no schedule during the holidays. Spent time at home, with my kids, alone in my trusty comfy bathrobe, doing nothing and I mean nothing, not even exercising beyond the daily set. Plus all the little things you usually don’t get around to. Fun things like mega cleaning (my shower and kicks are new penny shiny), sewing and paperwork .. oh and the real fun things like getting through my magazine, website and blog backlog and even reading the latest book in my favourite series.
Plus I finally stopped procrastinating and pared my wardrobe way back..all that is left is offloading about 100 pieces but for now they are neatly packed away for the next sprint of time and energy because it took me days to get this far. But now back to business as usual. To kick of the first blogweek of the year, I want to share;
  • A daytrip I took to my college town to visit the fashion & design district
  • The transformation of my daughter’s room into a space demanding an entry fee and protective gear
  • I’ve said it time and time again but I love me some lighting, so here comes another stunner
  • A little bit of old/new year inspiration with an art twist
Have a great start to 2015!

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