I update this space quite a bit. See here, here, here and here. What can I say? The hall is the business card of your home and you only get one shot to make a good if not damn great first impression.
What this space says to me now is ‘winter warmth’ despite it not even being that cold in the Netherlands. The palette is neutral with an almost completely grey and white scheme. Not the flat sluggish grey I see a lot when I look out the windows because of all the different tones of grey and especially the mix of materials and textures. In fact it is an extremely tactile space and I rub my hand over the sheepskin everything I pass the stairs. It’s like having a cuddly pet..pup or lamb, without all that care and walking. I love the fact that the space is still functional and fun but now also more calming. I wish there was texture-vision (my twist on the chocolate bar telly in my fave childhood book) where you can reach in and feel because this space feels like a hug. I often stop and just sit on my furry friend, often with a coffee, and think on how at home I feel.
And it only required shifting a few things between rooms. The ridged plant pots came from my bedroom and which I bought way back when I was student and had to carry them on the bus in my backpack, the Hay kaleidoscope tray is from the living, the braided felt basket for blankets, gloves and other winter paraphernalia was first kids toy storage, the glass bud vase came from my dresser and the little lacquer container is part of a set that resided on a coffee table I have not had for years! The only new thing is the sheepskin, which is from the Ikea and so not expensive but also not synthetic because I’m still horribly allergic to dust and floating bits and the Flokati I used to have shed so much I felt the need to stock up on those acute allergy attack needles that got stuck in my butt as a kid if I played with the rabbits too much. Other than that, just the blossom twigs and one single tulip. I get fresh flowers almost every week because nothing makes you feel better, physically and mentally, than the beauty of nature. Plus what says home more flowers and plants? Welcome to the my winter home and there is more to come as there are a few other new or updated nooks now that the tree and decorations are out.

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