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Making time to get out the door is a struggle. I decided the same day to take a mini trip to my college town of Arnhem for a winter event; Strikje, in the fashion district. I now appreciate the quirky uniqueness of my town more than when I lived there and that includes this super hip hub. Probably because I spent most of my free time travelling down South so I never realised how amazing my own town was. But some things never change. I still love the hills and green. The slopy, greener setting gives it a more relaxed vibe than my current design hub of Eindhoven. The fashion district is set on just such a long sloping road that adds to the character. 

There are several spots I always hit on when I’m in town and this occasion being no different. I stopped by Graphic Playground where I found yet another amazing coffee cup to add to my collection and the most lovely of geometric decorations which will be finding a home in my soon-to-be-updated home office! I loaded up on sugary goodness at Sweet Sugar Hill, which I think is amazing! I had one baba au rhum in the car before setting off for home and I swear I understand why pirates would go to great lengths for this liquid gold and why they acted the way the did..seriously my poor car. Patisseries  are common enough but a sugar house carrying everything from confectionery to lemon curd and lemon meringue pie (I have a thing for citrus), I melt and willingly travel. A stop at Lenneke Wispelwey was also on the cards, where I got a good look at the collection she did for PT and there might have been one tiny little ceramic treasure sitting under the tree. But the first and most rewarding stop was at Mirte Engelhard.

I will be doing a couple of posts on the treasures I scored on the trip. What can I say but that I am still in holiday mood and a bit ahem.. relaxed. Plus I think each piece is lovely enough to shine by itself! But for now a couple of quick snaps I took with my iPhone at Graphic Playground of products now firmly on my birthday is getting close.



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