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My continued wardrobe edit leaves me more barren each week. It’s not that I can’t pull an outfit together, it’s that certain building blocks are missing, making it more difficult. Blocks including a blazer, denim and skirts. I have looked through tons of online sales (full price, get outta here) racks and learnt a few things along the way.
  • I find that while I was happy if a piece look good on me I am now more demanding. I demand more of the clothes than my body. You wanna come home with your butt off! Looking good is a no. You have to look amazing!
  • For me it’s not even navy blue, it’s black when it comes to blazers. Furthermore it’s a fitted, mid-length version with a bit of weight. It must button but still have a close-cut fit when open. Tried a few options but see above, it needs to be perfect.
  • Denim. I already spotted a great pair of fitted black jeans last time I was in town but I like loose fit blue jeans for even more casual comfort. I loved my Acne pop boyfriend jeans and so set off for new boyfriend denim. Guess what? I fell in love with a cigarette fit. Guidelines are just that. Be open to different and new. This fit suits me today the way boyfriend jeans used to.
  • Skirts combine lessons blazers and denim. Skirts are my thing, more than dresses and pants these are my love. From mini’s to the ankle grazing but hands down, hand on heart, it’s a pencil all the way. Nothing makes me feel as good as a pencil. Perfect for showcasing my petite yet apple-pert derriere. So no surprise I went a pencil hunting because I know exactly want I’m looking for. But then in the 50% off section on H&M I saw this skirt that I was immediately drawn to when I saw it in December. Flowers, print and hugely full (stands almost by itself it’s so heavy). Further from a pencil you cannot get and unlike anything in my closet but I put in on couldn’t stop smiling. Never before has a piece made me smile so much and pirouette around my space. It’s such a happy thing and my life and wardrobe could use a bit more of that. Dressed down with a longsleeve grey t-shirt, leather jacket and fun flats or with little crop or bustier and heels for evening. This is spring bursting out of my wardrobe, middle of winter or not!

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