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I shy away from hanging photographs, especially photos of people. You just don't seen those on my walls. Call me weird, but somehow having actual people staring back just seems disconcerting. That however, does not mean my walls are blank. I love art and photographs, just a bit more abstract.
For a cozy little corner I created in my master, where I stop, snuggle in and unwind or doze off while rocking, I have been daydreaming of art. Soft, dreamlike art. I fell in love with this print from One Must Dash called A Day in May. All blurry and unfocused, it does not get more dreamlike. The feeling of the piece is my mood when I’m in my spot..like clouds on a May day; unfocused, thoughtful and calm. 

The first picture is from the One Must Dash website. Another great piece of theirs is For Rest, it has a hint more melancholy. The second picture is from The Poster Club, because the styling is just right; simple and stunning.

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