X marks the spot

Back in August I mentioned my love of black and white graphic prints, including this one by One Must Dash. Guess what I saw during winter sales? The 'kiss me right here' print of course, with a big old discount! Five months on and she is finally mine.

I had a spot all ready to go and then decided I wanted to keep that space bright, light and white. This graphic black beauty needed a new spot and luckily I knew exactly where..pretty much smack dab across from by bed, resting by my beloved shoes. And so I decided it just needed a great pair of shoes and a bit of soft lighting to be at home because I like my kisses on a high in candlelight!

P.S. Those Alexander Wang ankle boots are showcase material because they are hands down the most painful shoes I have ever left the house in and after a long workday in them I live in fear..this way they get some use while I regroup!

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