Treed out

showed you the first of ‘my spots’ here. I say my spots because these are the spots which I claim immediately upon entering the space. Akin to that corner of the sofa that I’ll admit only here I unabashedly stole while pregnant like it was always mine..oops she said with a devilish grin. 

This spot is where the Christmas tree stood and before that a beautiful flower of paradise plant that slowly died after my son smashed the pot and I crammed into one far too small. So after removing the mega tall tree it look extra barren and rather bleak. While I would love a huge new plant or even better a mature tree I decided to try and work solely with what I already have. This is the result. 

The RAR rocker got moved in as well as a side table that was previously just a diving plank to the couch. Placed on top is my girly pink Muuto lamp and gorgeous wooden object with the name 'navel' from Karim Eharruyen (obsessing with the dreaming bowls) and is as cute as a kids belly button minus the tickles. Placed at my feet is my Bovist pouf from Hella Jongerius, which coincidentally I purchased the week after said baby was born. I guess I was in comfort mode then as well. My kids claim the entire couch sprawled out as they only kids and men can do, but that’s OK now that I have this calm corner to rock in and watch the cuteness sprawled across my old spot. This is my new spot, nicknamed the designcorner!

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