Pear with lavender syrup custard puffs

Like clockwork when weekend rolls around the baking fever hits. This time with a little inspiration from my garden.
Outside my kitchen window are two little fig trees surrounded by lavender. The leaves are out and my little fruits are too. They are just too stinking cute to pluck. But it left me inspired to make a dessert with soft sweetness, albeit juicy pears and not figs. No less yummy, in any way, shape or form. Add leftover bit of pastry dough from the thyme puffs, a simple sugar syrup infused with fresh lavender, a lavender-infused almond creme custard and weekend treat time commences.
  • For the custard I simmered a cup and a half of milk with a handful of lavender. This I added lukewarm to 2 beaten egg yolks and then transferred the mix to a pan with a fourth a cup of sugar, a third a cup of almond meal (I live for that stuff) and a pinch of salt. Constant stirring till thickened and then poured into a frozen metal bowl and finished with a fourth a teaspoon pure vanilla.
  • The lavender sauce is equals parts sugars and water, with a dash of white rum (what else?) and simmered till a little past simple syrup stage, so the sugar is dissolved and the syrup thickened.
  •  The pastries are simply pastry squares rimmed, egg-washed and cinnamon sugar dusted before baking.
  •  The pears are baked in a swallow bath of muscat, a sprinkle of cinnamon and vanilla paste, a pat of creamy butter and a few more sprigs of lavender because I want that subtle flavor infused in every delicious bite. Topped with a generous drizzling of blossom honey and baked till softened but still firm.
 Each serving is a single square, a large dollop of custard, a sliced pear and a huge drizzle of syrup. Crispy pastry, soft cream, drenched pears with sugary lavender sweetness...soft contrast heaven. 

Bon appetite, lavender style! lavender syrup custard puffs lavender syrup custard puffs lavender syrup custard puffs lavender syrup custard puffs

P.S. I waited months and could wait no more for the cake platter from Lenneke Wispelwey. It is even prettier than when I saw it in December. Perfectly paired with my mother's day bouquet. Happy as a clam treat for Mother's and any other day.

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