This is one of those weeks that left me scratching my head. Several things I want to show are just not ready. Either still waiting for something to arrive or just not in the right mindset to prep, prop and shoot. That being said, this week is;
  • Kicking of the long weekend with a little me time in drink form,
  • Matching my summery mood, I went a summer dress hunting,
  • And keeping it fresh, some of my favourite green interior products.
  • The round-off is a round-up of finishing touches for my little secret garden.

But for now enjoy the best wall decoration ever! A way not to hide but reuse the empty holes in the wall, making it more than the sum of the parts. Choose the swing, jump or balance, all three stunning in copper. I'm a fan and will be getting one, or two or three or how many it takes to beautify my pockmarked walls. Among others spots, available here and here.

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