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I share way too much on here but it compensates and mellows the quiet shell and inner storm. So I figured since this is a topic that is now part of life in my thirties why not share? I’m talking dating.
Probably something loads of people figure out in their twenties or earlier, but hold on, wait for it..dating or trying to date sucks. 

But try dating when you have two little ones, sometimes crippling shyness and the experience of the average middle-schooler and then it bites, big time. No sugar-coating, no easing in, it is so unbelievably craptastic. Saying that does not make it better but does it makes it easier to laugh. And boy do you need a good belly chuckle while on the dating scene.
Pools & Wings
First of where do you meet anyone when you are in the phase were those around you are settling down and having kids or also have little kids and longtime relationships? Their circles are per definition at the same stage of domestic bliss. They are also not going to be your wingman- or girl. No fishing pond and no pool, oops.

¡Ándale! ¡Ándale! ¡Arriba! ¡Arriba!
A thirty something dude seems to be looking for a young twenty something (max) chick … without strings and definitely without kids. A two and four year old you say, I can see the Speedy Gonzales style cloud left behind.. Whammy (anyone else remember that game show).
Looks like a bad nut
So why not try Internet dating, that’s an option helpful (no-longer) friends suggest. Sorry, but the first photo looks nothing like the rest of the shots, because usually it’s from a decade ago with the best possible lighting and setting. But if you make it past that, you read the profile and end up thinking which one of us is from an alternate universe? Make it past that hurdle and realise that that dream catch is still single for a reason. Raise your hand if the bad nut detector from Willy Wonka seems like the best Christmas gift a single guy or girl could want!

Dutch yet not raised in the Netherlands and so I'm not your typical Dutchie. If you prefer Hazes to Hip hop, stamppot and frikandellen to risotto and pastechi, it’s gonna be a bit bumpy. Speaky no English? Nope that’s just not going to work because everyone reverts to their first language in times of stress, tiredness or both. I know for a fact that a lover’spat at the end of the day can turn into a reenactment of the tower of Babel.. Anyone have a defibrillator for this dating flatline?

Deep in the Tardis..
Shyness and inexperience so apparent  that if you make it to a date, he ends up wondering if the woman got switched with a giggling Biebette.. Really only a Tardis or stunt double can help you now.

Drink up
So to recap, I finish where I started, dating sucks. You know what sucks less, when you go with the flow, don't take to seriously and you never know you just might find what you didn't know you were looking for. And if all else fails, liquid fortification rarely does..

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